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  Boat Keeper
Security & Alarm system

The Boat Keeper is a stay alone security, alarm and control system uses latest technology and low consumption components to help you keep your vessel in safety and under control from wherever you are in the world.
This device has been specially designed for boats and it keeps under control 10 main boat parameters, manage a few devices and communicate in real time with three mobile phones.
It gives you the best option to know, control and manage some devices on your boat all the time through a mobile phone. The Boat Keeper provides security, alarm and management through the 3G network – this means it has fantastic coverage around New Zealand and up to 120kms offshore.

Controls up to 10 main boat parameters:
 - entrance door, two water levels, two batteries, shore powerMain control box for 3G boat mobile security system.
 - temperature, humidity, Geo location, emergency button.
Makes a proper action for each event.
Alarm actions to each event have varied repeat time gap.
Report/Alarm message included all controlled parameters.
Real time change settings for all events and proper actions.
Time settings from 1 second to 45 days.
GPS location by SMS request or local emergency button.
All GPS messages included link to Google Maps.
Set Geofence by SMS message from 10 to 225 meters.
Speed & direction included in GPS report, if boat moving.
Arm or Disarm of the system via free short call.
Arm/Disarm/Disable the system via SMS messages.
Remote voice listening. Auto answer then user dialing.
Device communicates with registered numbers only.
Remote setup via SMS messages.
Extra one power outlet with timer managed by SMS.
Free smart phone configuration software.
Stay alone device, no annual or registration fees.
Expenses based on customer activities, can be up to NZ$20 a year. (SMS messages and free short calls)
Internet version with control panel on a web server will be launched over the next few months.

Package includes

  • Main box contains microcontroller, GSM and GPS modules, internal GSM and internal active GPS antennas, connector for peripheral sensors.Boat security & alarm system printable flyer
  • Magnetic door switch sensor
  • Double layer water level magnetic sensor
  • Temperature and humidity sensor with extension cable
  • Electrical wiring
  • Management application for Android mobile phone

"Boat Keeper" security and alarm device now available from NZ$300 with two years warranty. Please contact us for order.


How Boat Keeper security and alarm system works

This device keeps under control main boat parameters and ready to make a call, send SMS message or powering ON/OFF two peripheral devices from house battery by local event. (Bilge pump, siren, air fan, etc.) In real time system is ready to receive new settings for all events and actions

This system monitors and alarms the next events
     • Entrance door.
     • Water level 1, inside the boat (lower level).
     • Water level 2 (higher level. 35mm above first).
     • Minimal and maximal voltage separately for battery1 (house) and for battery2 (start).
     • GPS location and Geo-Fence area control from 10 to 225 meters.
     • Minimal and maximal temperature and humidity levels inside the boat.
     • Shore power connection. Alarm activated in 15 minutes after disconnect.
     • Emergency alarm button. Activates alarm message with GPS location to all phones.
The owner can setup and change sensor parameters and all actions for any event that is described above by special mobile phone application. The application for Android Smartphone is available for download.
Every event can be controlled and associated with proper actions.

The following actions are available
     • Call (short call, miss call, no voice message)
     • SMS message with alarm, report or confirmation text
     • Starts up to two external loads (bilge pump, siren or another device)
     • Stops external load. (Powered from house battery)
     • Powering ON/OFF extra Outlet with timer by SMS request.
     • Local sound alarm (buzzer) for critical event.     

GPS options can be checked or activated by requests in a proper SMS messages. “Boat Keeper" security system has a separate time settings for reporting and repeat alarm notifications. The time settings can be set with intervals from 1 second to 45 days.
To reduce power consumption, user can select five power modes of functionality. The device has a default factory setting and is ready to use after powering. All of these settings are changeable. Only the reset option can change the owner's phone number and returns device to the default factory settings. (Reset connector is on the board)
“Boat Keeper" security system accepts the change settings from owner's number only. Other extra two phone numbers can be used for communication and manage the device except change the settings. All other calls and messages from unknown numbers will be ignored and deleted. The new device or after factory reset the “Boat Keeper" waits for first call to remember this number as the Owner’s phone number. Only a full size SIM card require for internal mobile module. The SIM card can be on a prepay plan or as a part of owner’s mobile phone plan.



Installation of "Boat Keeper" security and control system

Wiring diagram for 3G mobile boat security and control systemBefore the installation you need to find an optimal location for the main box, door sensor and water sensor. The main box has a built in antennas and should be located in any area with good reception, not covered by metal screens or walls and held above the outside water level.
Non-metal constructions are not a real obstacle for airwaves and do not reduce reception for GPS and GSM networks. The suitable location could be found by using an ordinary mobile phone and viewing the level of reception on the mobile phone screen and GPS functionality. External GSM and GPS antennas can be connected to SMA socket on the main board, instead of internal antennas. The main box can be mounted by four screws on a wall or by any other safety methods (glue, cable tie) in a reachable place for visual control and manageability. The water level sensor can be fixed in an expected water level area. The area should be protected from mechanical damage. Usually, these sensors mounted under the boat’s floor in the lowest section. The magnetic door sensor consists of two parts. First part is the wired switch which can be fixed on a wing of a door or on any other places that is located near a sliding or an opening door. The second part of the door sensor has a magnet inside and does not require any connection. This part should be mounted on a sliding or an opening door. For stable control of a shut door, the distance between two parts of the door sensor should be close as possible and not more than 14 mm.
More attention is needed to provide for cabling between the sensors and main control box. All wires need to be protected from mechanical damages and salt water.
* We recommend an installation service provided by a certified boat electrician.

Technical specification of GPS boat security system

     • Device can be powered from DC source from 5.5 to 26 volts.3G mobile boat security system with connected antennas
     • Internal power charger has efficiency up to 95%
     • At 12 volts the maximum current can reach up to 100ma without
        peripheral devices.
     • For reduce consumption devise has 5 power modes (0-4).
     • Each output (Load1, Load2 & Outlet) provides 6A current and
        up to 10A at start.
     • All outputs grounded in active mode.
     • All external connectors have ESD protection.
Mobile Network
     • Dual-Band UMTS/HSPA900/2100MHz.
     • Dual-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800MHz.
     • Usable with contract or prepay plan full size SIM cards.
     • External antenna can be connected instead internal to SMA socket.
     • Integrated SIMCom SIM28ML module.
     • 22 tracking/66 acquisition channel GPS receiver.
     • Internal active ceramic patch antenna.
     • External active (3-5v) GPS antenna can be connected to SMA socket.
     • Power for external active GPS antenna provided up to 100ma.
Temperature/ Humidity
     • Integrated Sensirion SHT21 Humidity and temperature sensor.
     • Temperature accuracy tolerance – ± 0.3°C
     • Humidity accuracy tolerance ± 2.0%RH
     • Main box measures 150mm x 85mm x 37mm.


Mobile phone application for boat security system

The mobile application gives users the capability remotely and securely change all essential settings on the "Boat Keeper" device to keep under control main boat parameters. This application was specially designed to have friendly and intuitive user interface to manage all settings in an easy and simple way. It has three main sections. In phone section user can add extra two phone numbers to receive reports and alarms. In alarm section user can arrange links between sensors and possible actions. Third section gives ability to set all digital parameters for security system. Screenshots on the pictures below show the application interface.

Pnone section in application for boat 3G mobile security system          Alarm action section in application for boat 3G mobile security system

Action options in application for boat 3G mobile security system          Parameters in application for boat 3G mobile security system

"Boat Keeper" is a free application that can be downloaded and installed on your mobile phone from Google Play Application Store or we can send this application by your request.
Please use this icon to download and install "Boat Keeper" application.

For more details, please download User Manual from this site or contact us by e-mail.


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